With a love of Crystals and Astrology spanning over 30 years, I feel blessed to work with crystals, be able to share insights and thoroughly enjoy creating hand made jewellery pieces, tools and mobiles. I have a strong belief in the benefits of crystal healing and have had many personal experiences of the incredible energy of crystals for healing, balancing the body, the mind and spirit. I feel inspired to share my Astrological insights, writings and quotes of retrospection and healing in the hope that others may find some resonance, understanding and peace within.

Each crystal used in my creations are hand chosen for their energy and natural beauty. After listening to its story the inspiration for the creation of a piece of jewellery or mobile unfolds. No piece is ever the same as each crystal is individual and has its own journey and purpose.

Earth is made up of 85% crystal and as we resonate with this energy we connect to our mother, ourselves and our consciousness. The Moon, the Sun, our planets within our Solar System set against the backdrop of the Galaxies and Universe are all part of us, who we are, we we come from and where we are journeying.

In light and healing to all and our great mother Earth… Karen ♥        crystals jewellery pendants bracelets

As the chrysalis breaks open a brand new form emerges and takes flight… Blessed Be ♥