January 2018


Wednesday the 17th of January we have our first New Moon for the year falling in the Earth sign of Capricorn. At the time of the New Moon, we will have a rare alignment known as a Stellium. This is an alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all falling in the sign of Capricorn along with the Moon.

This is the last Moon phase before a new series of powerful Eclipses. This lead up to the eclipses energises the astrology of the Capricorn New Moon as it creates an energy to hurry up and finish any long term projects we have started on over the last few months. If any goals have anything to do with love or money the New Moon aligns nicely with Venus.. the planet of love and harmony, so this will bring in a positive influence here.

The Capricorn New Moon does, however, make a hard aspect to Uranus which brings unexpected change and uncertainty. But a better aspect to strong and passionate Mars comes to the rescue to resolve any problems and induces the energy of love.

With the Stellium, a line up of so many planets definitely means that this New Moon is going to bring a lot of Earthy Capricorn energy for all of us to connect with. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which means that it holds the energy of leadership, hardwork, determination and groundedness.

Capricorn is symbolised by the mountain goat, the clever, determined and loyal mountain goat soldiers on up the mountain using its agile feet to climb higher and perch itself in places that most other animals would never be able to access.

This is a good way to describe the determined and hardworking energy of Capricorn, and with so many planets along with the Sun and Moon aligning in this constellation… we are all going to be given an energetic push to make a huge leap forward as we climb higher up our own mountains.

The Capricorn New Moon energy is really going to help all of us to take a step forward and to use our hard work, skill and knowledge to climb higher and reach further. This is very ambitious energy that will really help all of us to shift forward in the direction of our goals, dreams and wishes.

This is the perfect time for us to take action and begin making small, practical changes in order to bring more joy, abundance, love, success, and whatever other energy we wish to bring into our lives.

Capricorn is a very practical sign, so this is not necessarily about making massive, shocking moves in our lives (unless you really feel compelled to do so), essentially it is about making small but effective, well thought out changes to get us closer to where we want to be.

Another focus on the Capricorn New Moon is about love and harmony, especially in our home and family lives. Unexpected changes may throw or threaten stable relationships or totally unexpected changes may push others to seek out companionship after a time of loneliness and being insular. There are strong primal urges surging through this New Moon along with passionate energy that should help us to solve any problems that arise within relationships… Helping any confusion and uncertainty to shift into the energy of love and harmony.

For the last few years we have really had to focus on clearing and planning, but now we are getting a lot of support to actually put our plans into action. January is one of the most action oriented months of the year, so it is a good time to use this energy to our advantage and not to be afraid to push ourselves a little higher.

While this line up of Capricorn planets is really going to help us find our ambition and strength, this New Moon has a soft, intuitive energy as well. While this is a great time to take action and express ourselves outwardly, there is also an energy pulling us to go deeper within ourselves and to really connect to our hearts and inner spirits.

Touching on relationships again…. for those who have been struggling in your relationships, or feeling stuck in some way, this New Moon may bring some new insights, or may help you to think about things in a different way. This is also a great time to tap into this energy and plan a date night or to do something fun together.

For those who are single, this New Moon could actually be the perfect time to put yourself out there to meet someone.  If you are feeling a lack of hope when it comes to finding that right person, use this New Moon energy to check in with yourself and see if what you are asking for is really aligned with the actions you have been taking.

This New Moon energy may also help all of us to hit the reset button and allow us to clear away any baggage from past relationships. The good thing about the Capricorn New Moon is that it has a lot of energy, which means that we can use this energy to help us in any way we need.

This is a time to tune in to ourselves and ask…What is something I could use support with? What would I like this New Moon to bring into my life?

New Moon’s are all about setting intentions and planting seeds for the future, so now is the time to envision how we want our gardens to grow and send our intentions and wishes out to the night sky.

There are such strong planetary forces all through January and energetically they are on our side and here to support us.  If we can connect to the New Moon, offer up what we need now, let it out there and then open ourselves to the guidance that comes through we will set up some good strong anchoring energy for the year..

Sometimes as we move through life climbing our mountains and navigating the valleys and peaks as we go…we can at times feel like life is not always on our side.. our lesson here really is to learn to find the joy and appreciation of life as we journey on to where ever we are travelling to.. This New Moon is a great time to tap into the positive Earth energy buzzing around and use it to boost us along our journeys…

December 2017

New Moon December 2017

Monday the 18th of December we have a New Moon falling in fiery Sagittarius. There is a bit going on with this New Moon as it makes aspects to three planets. The two big influences are Saturn on one side of the New Moon and Venus the other, thankfully Uranus forms a nice aspect lightening the whole energy in a positive light.

As we prepare for the last New Moon of the year, we are going to receive the final push and the final motivation to ensure that whatever we have needed to learn, create, or achieve in 2017 is put into motion.

The Saturn influence on this Sagittarian New Moon says it is time to stand up and be counted. Hard work, discipline and patience are needed to attend to our duties and obligations. This aspect often signifies hardship, sadness and fear. However, the loving influence of Venus and the awakening influence of Uranus will bring out the best of Saturn.

This is a New Moon for achievement, recognition and satisfaction. Taking on more responsibility and acting more responsibly will earn respect and advancement. Helping us to build a strong foundation for the future and make life more stable and secure for ourselves and our families.

This is a good New Moon to simplify and bring efficiency into our lives. This will help us all to make our goals less complicated and easier to meet. In relationships we may find ourselves needing to be someone’s rock in their time of crisis or act as guide and mentor. This is a good New Moon for family bonding and strengthening relationships.

With the fiery energy of Sagittarius, this New Moon is going to kick start a wave of energy that will be helping us to get motivated and stay inspired as the year comes to an end.

Think of the energy of this New Moon like a ray of cosmic energy that is going to shake us and wake us up to our potential and the new journey ahead.

We have all been reborn in some way this year, we have all be changed in some way too, and it is now time for us to let go of the past, to let go of who we once were, and to start building on the new. We have to take the new beginning we have been given and now look for ways to integrate it into our lives for the better.

The Venus influence shines a light on our love relationships and our creativity. We can find ourselves feeling more loving, affectionate and sociable but Saturn will add a more serious and practical tone to our relationships. This is a New Moon for mutual respect, loyalty and commitment in relationships.

New love is possible for singles and it may have a karmic feel as if you had known them before. A romance that starts during this New Moon phase will have a good chance of being a long-term relationship.

The Uranus influence makes this an exciting new moon of unexpected events, self-discovery and revelation. We may feel like trying sometime new, outside of our normal routines. We should enjoy more freedom to leave our comfort zones and widen our social circles with different people.

In general, the Sagittarius New Moon is a busy one, and will be awakening and activating all of us on multiple levels. This is a high energy time, and we are going to feel an acceleration, almost like all of our projects and the things that we have been working on are going to speed up and intensify.

This is a good time to use the energy of this New Moon and to focus on the wisdom we have gained from the past and then literally let everything else go. Completely shed everything that we no longer wish to carry into 2018.

The Sagittarian New Moon is really going to be helping all of us to think about the positive aspects of the year gone by and to focus on what we learnt and gained. With this information, we can enter into the new year with confidence, strength and hope for the future.

A Sagittarian New Moon energy is fiery, motivated, and passionate. All of this energy is going to help us close up 2017 with a bang, and to welcome in the new vibration that 2018 has in store for us.

2018 is going to be a year of building and laying down foundations. Essentially, we are all going to be able to take the new beginning we have been given and start integrating and building on it. The more we can view life as an experience, and the more we are able to embrace what has come our way, the more exciting and hopeful the year ahead is going to be feel.

2017 allowed all of us to be reborn, and under this powerful Sagittarian New Moon energy, we now get to decide which path on our journey we will walk as we enter into 2018.


November 2017


This Saturday the 18th of November we have a New Moon falling in the watery, intense, mysterious and regenerative sign of Scorpio. As a New Moon occurs each month we are given an opportunity to set an intention and to shift areas within our lives that need to be changed, it is a time of initiation. With Scorpio our intentions should lean towards regeneration and transformation. Scorpio is the sign giving us the most opportunity for the year ahead as Jupiter the planet of expansion is riding through Scorpio for the next 11 months.  What we do with this New Moon could be the early beginning stages of something important leading us into where we go next year. The Scorpio New Moon offers us a chance for magical regeneration, there is a big opportunity here to really transform ourselves and clear out a lot of past junk that has been weighing us down. If we are ready to dive in and wade through all the emotional fears, past hurt, any childhood and inner child suffering we can really heal and cut any cords that need to be finished with.

A lot is said about Scorpio and the underworld, the dark, the mysterious and yes, it is the sign of endings and death. But along with this comes rebirth. Whatever ends may need to take on a different form and shape when it returns, like us, we shift and change during our lives, things end and we begin again into another chapter of our lives…

Scorpio deeply connects to feelings and the emotional realm, and this New Moon will bring our emotions up to the surface big time! As a result, some of us may feel intensely emotionally driven or even obsessed about something. Scorpio is passionate as well as deeply driven to find emotional satisfaction. Scorpio dares to go places that others can’t fathom in order to get what it wants. This can shake our foundations and take us to places uncharted, one could literally fall down the rabbit hole. It may be pleasant or it could be one scary ride, either way a new way of seeing things will take place one way or another.  Unlike the other signs, Scorpio has a truly magical quality that helps to rebuild and restore what has been lost. So, we must have faith if the emotional ride gets a bit rocky or totally whacky.

Scorpio grows many protective layers through time and sheds them continually, in order for new ones to take their place. The original symbol of Scorpio is the serpent which is a large snake that has been a very powerful spiritual symbol for ages. The snake is symbolic of renewal and rebirth, and a very powerful spirit animal when we see them. They may show up in true form or within our dreams. Our resident python has been around a lot lately. The snake is a creature that can shed its skin and regrow it many times over. This gives the sign of Scorpio a very special regenerative magic.

The key to this New Moon is to tap into this Scorpion energy of regeneration. This New Moon also has the potential to help us breathe new life into whatever has recently died or lost its vitality in many areas of our lives. The only thing is… is that what is revived will no longer be the same as it was, it will have transformed! Our intentions and focus have to involve bringing something entirely new to life and into our lives.

Intuitive Neptune is playing a part with the New Moon and new revelations might also begin to surface. Beneficial insight or news may suddenly come out of nowhere. It is also possible that we just get a good feeling or naturally know that whatever we are beginning or feeling is meant to be. Something new is about to take form. Whether we intentionally make a decision to start a new project or something suddenly falls from nowhere, the Scorpio New Moon has the potential to help it grow and prosper.

Venus and Jupiter, will also be lending a hand during the New Moon, helping us along the way, nudging us in the right direction. While some fear may come into play this New Moon (After all this is Scorpio energy), we need to remember there is light to be found within the dark. All we have to do is make a commitment to face the unknown, our inner darkness, the shadows in order to find it. Remember we have the benefits of expansive Jupiter adding to the mix. His big energy will be readily available to us all this New Moon so tap into it.

There are a ton of possibilities in  what is out there for us all, expansions, transformation and regeneration…  All we have to do is face our shadows, our fears and replace them with courage, love and new intentions for something better. Dive in deep, push through the murky waters and emerge into the vibrancy of a new way of being.

October 2017


Friday the 20th of October, just on Sunrise we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Libra.  Libra is all about relationships, fairness, kindness and balance. This is the time to set our intentions to create more peace and harmony in our personal and professional lives, however… this Libran New Moon is in a complex aspect to the planet Uranus giving this New Moon a whole different and rocky twist, one of rebellion, unexpected events and exciting encounters which may shake up our personal worlds. Forcing upon us change.

This connection of the New Moon with Uranus is about breaking free from old relationship patterns that feel restrictive and encouraging relationships that expand our lives with new and different experiences.

A strong need for freedom can make us rebel against authority figures, restrictive parents or smothering partners. On the other hand, odd behavior or a radical about face may come up from a loved one. If we find ourselves in this situation, trying to control others and wanting to restrain their freedom will most likely only provoke more rebellious behavior.  Arguments or separation may result from impatience or an unwillingness to adjust to a flash of rebellion or an in ‘our face’ change of direction.

Whether self inflicted or out of our control, how we react to change or rebellious behavior during the Libran New Moon is critical. Impulsive reactions and emotionally based decisions could turn a minor drama into total chaos.  We all need to be reminded to avoid stirring up trouble just for the sake of it and not to annoy or tease a loved one just to get attention.

Adapting to swift and unexpected change requires extra effort and patience. Although initially upsetting (and we may feel the need to resist it).. the change may offer a better way forward for us in our personal journeys in the long run. Restlessness and impatience are highly likely during this New Moon. We may feel quite jumpy and impulsive, and we should try really hard to avoid any risky or radical behavior.

On a lighter note,  Venus is now in Libra, her planetary ruler, consequently Venus is strongly connected to and one could say, ruling the Libran New Moon.. This means she and what she stands for gets the last say. Phew!! And Venus in Libra wants harmony, balance, to enjoy life and happy social gatherings. So hopefully that will chill things out a little!!

This is the first of the 14 New Moons that will be under the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio will reveal deeply hidden emotions, inner strength and emotional energy. We need to stay attuned to them. Stay following the flow of subterranean feelings in Scorpio.. Stay with the desires that may have been tucked away for fear of being judged, rejected or abandoned.

There will also be an undercurrent of getting on with life, of wanting to get out and do things.  Mercury and Jupiter are also currently connected in Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is sometimes called the one who can think quick along with being down and dirty. Critical thinking may have a sharp edge to it,  there may be a hint of a ‘trick’ whilst being nice to ones face during the Libran New Moon. This is a time to listen to our intuition and side step any individuals who we know do not come from a balanced and kind place, those who drain, judge or a very self centered… Watch out for under handed cruel comments in the disguise of being funny, casual or with the bully’s defense of joking, or telling their version of how they see it. Protection is important during this New Moon. Watch for those who set out to intentionally hurt.

It is always a balancing act and the symbol of the scales are perfect for this Libran New Moon! Let’s all focus on the positives of Libra. This is a time where we can make a significant leap in shifting our lives forward, of having kind and loving relationships, whilst allowing all of us to give ourselves and others space to be unique and our individual selves. This Libran New Moon wants to bring a wave of energy into our lives and our environment focusing on more beauty and harmony, within and around us. So, let’s keep our focus there and be open and honest.


September 2017

Wednesday the 20th of September we have a New Moon falling in the earthy sign of Virgo. The Virgo New Moon will be guiding us on a healing journey and will also being asking us to ‘show up’ and ‘own’ who we truly are.

A New Moon is the dark phase of the Moons cycle when the light of the Moon is literally blocked and we find ourselves in total darkness. This is the perfect time to look into our shadow self, illuminate from within any inner truths we may have been ignoring or just simply do not want to see. As we grow and change in our lives, there is no way to actually truly evolve if we are still hiding or running from the truth of who we really are. To look ourselves in the mirror, seeing and accepting all of our darkness and light is the bravest thing that any of us could ever do.

The New Moon also signifies a time for new beginnings, so we can set a different course if necessary, by owning who we are this New Moon we can begin to set any changes in motion and make better life choices in order to get to where we wish to be.

This is the first New Moon since the New Moon August Solar Eclipse, which means that we will be pushed one step further on our unique journey towards our individual destinies. Virgo energy is all about healing and caring for the mind, body and soul. The mind is the gateway between the body and the soul, which is why tuning into the mind and surging through both conscious and unconscious thoughts is so important on any healing journey.

Under the influence of this Virgo New Moon, we are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of our minds so we can heal and step into our power. This is a time to really take care of ourselves on many levels, we need to address any niggling or toxic thoughts and work out where and why they are coming up, so we can clear them and move on.

This New Moon is asking us to take the journey within in order to truly understand our thoughts, our feelings and what our bodies may be trying to communicate to us. We are going to have to connect within and come face to face with the truth. The Virgo New Moon is going to carry a healing energy with it which if we really are honest, show up and fess up to ourselves… we have a wonderful opportunity to mend any wounds that may have surfaced. On the physical side, now is the time to really look at our health and wellbeing… is it time for a health check up or time to make some changes towards getting fitter and healthier?

The Virgo New Moon is asking us to treat ourselves with love and kindness and our bodies will respond in turn. Taking time out to and do the things we love is very important as we are allowing ourselves time to celebrate our lives and the gift of our humanly body. Part of the reason our bodies can become so out of balance is due to stress and the expectations we have to look a certain way or be a certain way. Under the dark night sky of the Virgo New Moon, we should all try to accept ourselves for exactly who we are, honour that… and nurture ourselves mentally and physically back to health rather than being self demanding or critical. Finding the joy in our lives and remembering to laugh and smile are also powerful healers that often go forgotten.

There is some funky but important energy riding along with this New Moon which could bring unexpected endings in varying areas of our lives, break ups, arguments, or we may also find that we are being judgmental or treating ourselves and others critically. A lot of these feelings will most likely be caused from our own wounds that may be surfacing after inner retrospection… so we need to remember to treat ourselves and others with loving kindness. It could also be that we are seeing things that are not in alignment with who we truly are and we need to break those ties, again if this is the case we must do it with kindness and not volatility. We need to remember in these cases to move gently and take necessary action only when we feel it truly aligns with our hearts and our inner knowing.

With the New Moon falling three days before the Vernal/Spring Equinox we are reminded that this is a time of rebirth, a time to move forward as our days become longer and the light increases. It is the perfect time for a reset, start a new beginning or for reassessment.

To truly embrace the energy of the Virgo New Moon, we should all take some time out to be fully with ourselves, reflect on where we are, and remember it is time to own who we truly are.

This year has brought some massive changes, momentous life altering events and new beginnings for many of us. So now it is time for us to go within and listen to the wisdom of our inner knowing, the wisdom of our minds, the lessons we have learnt and to honour our bodies and our souls.


August 2017

solar-eclipseTuesday the 22nd of August we have a total Solar Eclipse, eclipsing the New Moon in Leo. This Solar Eclipse is not visible in Australia, the major viewing path will pass directly across the middle of the USA, from Oregon to South Carolina. The Eclipse begins just after 1.45am in Australia (Not visible) which corresponds to 3.45pm in the USA on the 21st.

Solar Eclipses block the light of the Sun, some cultures may see this moment of temporary darkness having negative implications, however this is not the case.

The ancients believed that during a Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun would give way to the darkness in order to be transformed. This momentary darkness was believed to be a highly spiritual and awakening moment that would help the Sun to return even brighter and stronger in the sky. To aid in this awakening process, the ancients believed that divinely inspired information from higher realms would be sent down to Earth during the window of the Eclipse. In fact, the ancients believed that when a Solar Eclipse fell in the sign of Leo it indicated that there would be an ‘enlightening’ message received.

The general astrology chart around the Solar Eclipse/New Moon points to courageous and confident changes that should move us forward to long term success.

Solar Eclipses are like amplified New Moons and often bring about transformation, new beginnings and changes. Their potency can sometimes be intimidating, but it is important to remember that they always put us on the right path. In astrology, the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, so to look deeper into this Eclipse it is important to understand the symbolism behind the Sun.

The Sun of course represents light, but it also represents ego. It is our ego selves that we see under the light of the Sun and our deeper, more hidden self under the light of the Moon.

When darkness falls on the Sun, we are called to shed our egos and bare our soul. Suddenly our soul, which is only revealed in the darkness of the night, is there for all to see under the light!

This Solar Eclipse is about exposing our true selves and about honoring who we truly are. It is about shedding the masks we have been wearing so we can connect with our true essence and start renewed.

This Eclipse is going to help all of us to reveal our true selves, and what we really want… not for the sake of others…. but for the sake of ourselves. That inner light, that inner spark, that true ‘You’ that lives inside is going to be given permission to leap forward into the world.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon falls very close to the brightest star in the Leo Constellation. ‘The Heart of the Lion’ is one of the most important and most powerful stars in astrology. It brings success but can also bring danger of loss. This bright star’s energy is about being independent, proud, confident, honest, brave, radical and forceful. It is also open minded and generous, however the underlying pulse is the desire to conquer and rule, to leave a mark before a successful challenger claims the prize.

A Solar Eclipse falling so close to ‘The Heart of the Lion’ sets us up for success, power, authority, encouragement, honor and wealth. However, the balance of envy and loathing from enemies can lead to trouble, violence and downfall. I chose not to add political influences in my Astrology reports but just to touch ever so slightly, we can see some power struggles at play during this time between certain countries… I send positive energy towards resolution or at least the choice to leave each other be.

On the upbeat the other main influence Astrologically to the Solar Eclipse is a helpful and positive aspect to Uranus, the planet of change and excitement.

Under the influence of this Solar Eclipse, it will be important to go with the flow and not be in a hurry to make major decisions or judgements about something. During the Solar Eclipse Mercury is going to be retrograde, which amplifies that not all truths are going to be easy for us to see. But one thing is for certain, after the passing of this Eclipse, the truth will slowly be revealed. Be patient and simply observe what evolves.. Pushing for deep truths will be obscured just for a little while.

Higher self awareness, increased intuition and flashes of insight will lead to self-discovery and revelations. This Solar Eclipse should energise us to complete our goals and to again set bigger personal and professional goals.

This is an excellent Solar Eclipse to change destructive or outdated behaviors such as prejudices and addictions. A strong desire to succeed together with self pride will help break bad habits and provide unexpected new interests and hobbies to replace them with.

Greater freedom and curiosity will help us to leave our comfort zones and may widen our social circles. There is the possibility to meet extraordinary people from different cultural backgrounds. While meeting new people and initiating change in our lives may come naturally, conscious effort is needed to follow through on plans for the future.

Often Eclipses bring ‘themes’ into our lives rather than one specific event. These themes are ones that play out for quite some time, so know that whatever unfolds is most likely part of a much bigger journey. Actually, this Solar Eclipse is part of a much bigger cycle that unfolded at least 18-19 years ago.

If you want to really go deep into this Eclipse cycle, think back to what was happening in your life around 18 to 19 years ago, does anything stand out as being significant?

It is likely that a lot has changed in your life since then, and perhaps you may even see that whatever happened 18-19 years ago was preparing you for where you are in your life right now. Maybe things are coming up to be re-looked at that happened back then. Yet, another layer to the onion skin.

This is also helpful to remember if you are struggling to make sense of the recent events in your life. There has been a lot of shifts this year for so many, some have been very painful.

This Solar Eclipse is nudging us along to release and moves things away that no longer serve us on our journeys. When we live life with our inner light shining brightly, it helps us to move forward and allows us to feel connected to our purpose, to others and to the Universe itself.

When we live life from a higher vibration of awareness, we feel more in sync with life and it is easier to connect with our intuition. Spirit guides, angels and the fairy folk are very near, by opening our hearts we can allow their messages to be seen more clearly and regularly.

The total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo is about allowing our true selves to shine so we can leap forward and start on a new journey with a new positive attitude.

This new journey will take time to develop, and all the facts may not be clear just yet, so it is a good time to simply focus on aligning ourselves with our inner light on a soul level, our higher selves and inner beings will take care of us.

New beginnings are on the horizon for everyone, but it all starts with raising our awareness and allowing our inner light to lead the way.

July 2017

New Moon LeoSunday the 23rd of July we have a New Moon falling in the fiery sign of Leo, the same day as the Sun also shifts into Leo. The Leo New Moon has strong planetary aspects with Mars and Uranus that will add some extra feisty energy into the mix, so…. July’s New Moon has quite volatile energy. On one hand it is going to be calling us to seek the joy, beauty and pleasure in life and on the other hand, it is also going to be asking us to take responsibility for our actions.

We are going to be asked to lighten up and relax into the flow of our lives a little more, but we are also going to be asked to take complete ownership and responsibility for how we are choosing to live and what we are choosing to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to.

On top of that the Leo New Moon will be testing our patience. The annoying little things that people do will be more irritating than usual. We need to take extra care not to upset already angry and mean people. Things will be a little explosive over this Lunar phase!!

Even with the most challenging aspects of this fiery energy there are ways to avoid trouble by putting in the effort and making the right choices. A good way for us all to avoid explosive situations is by burning up the hot, angry and erratic energy in a safe way before it escapes us in an uncontrolled and dangerous way.

We need to find an area of life in which we can tear up the rules and have some fun. It is hard to restrain this erratic energy so… a good way is to let it out and express our crazy or creative sides in a safe environment. The goal being to get our kinky or dangerous desires out of our system in a safe way without upsetting others. An inventive attitude may lead to works of creative brilliance or personal breakthroughs. However, we need to avoid impulsive actions and taking dangerous risks.  We can throw this energy into creative pursuits, into artwork, or sculpture and other creative pursuits such as dance. Physical activity and exercise is also a great outlet but remember the brain can also burn up a lot of energy. Watch for burnout!!

The Leo New Moon is also gearing us up for the upcoming Eclipse season that will occur throughout the month of August. Whatever this New Moon stirs up is likely to only be half of the picture, as more energy is going to be revealed to us under the Eclipses on August the 8th and the 21st. The partial Lunar Eclipse will be visible in Australia in the early hours of Tuesday the 8th of August which also occurs on the 8.8.8 Lions Gate Portal and the Full Moon. More on that next month…. it will be massive!

Everything in life happens for a reason, but this is only true because we give things reason. Reason is something that we create, and the reasons for things occurring in our lives can only be equal to the amount of energy that we put in.

Sure, the Leo New Moon is going to be sending us a lot of mixed signals, but if we know what is true and right in our hearts, if we know what we really desire and what we don’t, then the energy of this New Moon will feel a bit easier.

Life is always changing and evolving and we have to keep on moving forward. Although it can be hard to believe it at times, we all chose to be here and we all chose to learn the lessons that we are currently experiencing.

It is said that our souls chose to come to Earth at this time for a specific reason, but I believe that reason is really up to us and what we choose to make of it.

If there is something in our lives that we have felt compelled to let go of or compelled to bring in, now would be the time to really think about how to take responsibility for all of it, and what actions we need to take to get our lives on track to where we need and want to be.

In fact, a good question to ask over this New Moon is…. How can I take responsibility for myself and my life and where I want to be right now?

With the Leo New Moon carrying in it’s fiery energy, we can also use the positive side of this in a way that it will help to give us the motivation and optimism we need to create the lives we have always dreamed of. Leo is the sign of optimism and leadership, so let’s use this energy to guide us forward to be the best we can be no matter what life throws our way.

After all, we all know that Leo the lion is the King of the jungle, so under this powerful energy, perhaps we can ask ourselves how we can become the King or Queen of our own lives in order to inspire ourselves and others. We also need to be mindful around this New Moon of taking on too much or spreading ourselves too thin, we must remember, this New Moon is all about balancing pleasure and play with responsibility.

We should only take things on if they are truly what we want to do and truly aligned with our current vibration. We need to …’Learn to say No’ to things that don’t inspire us and don’t fill us up, and to also be mindful of how we are choosing to spend our time.

The Leo New Moon can be very positive and energising, but if we feel like we have been dealt a particularly challenging one, we must try to take a calm and relaxed approach and remember to view things from a place of curiosity rather than judgement. Whatever comes up is likely to have another side to it that will be revealed in August.

We should all try to take it slow for the rest of July as much as possible and try to spend time noticing the joy and simple pleasures of life. We will have energy to burn over the New Moon, yes…. and some of it will be fiery and feisty, yes release…but with care…!!!

August is going to be a massive month of many changes and surprises so we should really use this time now to rest and recharge our inner batteries. Take the time to remember what comes up this New Moon, make a dream diary or journal… It may be helpful for reflection and direction as the Eclipses of next month come around.


June 2017

cancer-moon Saturday June 24th in Australia we have a Super New Moon falling in the watery, intuitive and nurturing sign of Cancer.

As the Moon rules Cancer, she feels right at home in this sign, this will give this Super New Moon a calming, restorative and peaceful feeling. A welcome relief of a little nurturing, some tender ‘mothering’ and a gentle soft breather. As we have just past the Winter Solstice, home and heart comes into focus.

This Cancer New Moon is a time to feel deeply into yourself and give love to every tone, action, thought and feeling.  Simply rejoice in yourself, and acknowledge yourself as already whole and perfect… for we are simply Love!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer.  This new moon offers an energy to peer within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive natures (whether we are male or female).

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time? … listen softly and allow that wisdom to be conveyed from a place of unconditional love of self.

This Super New Moon is closely linked to the May Super New Moon. Although June’s Super New Moon is not as strong, these two lunar cycles are working as part of a team. Having two Super New Moon’s back to back indicates amazing change, transformation and new beginnings.

The Sun represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

The Moon represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

During a New Moon, the side of the moon that remains invisible to us here on Earth is being illuminated by the Sun.  So, our own ‘invisible’ side, our inner feelings, emotions and desires are also being illuminated during a New Moon.  During this illumination, we are given a window of opportunity to start a fresh, let go of the energy of the previous cycle and set our intentions, dreams and inner-most desires into action. With both the Sun and Moon in Cancer the focus in general will be on nurturing, family, sensitivity, our emotions and moods, our intuition is heightened along with our inner psychics.

It is likely between May and June that many of our lives may have taken on a different feel or changed somehow energetically. Many are even feeling inspired to start something new or begin a new chapter or journey in their lives.

This Cancerian Super New Moon will also be stirring emotions that occurred back in May and may even bring more clarity. Any unfinished business may also be resolved, or we may just get a boost and feel a lot clearer on the path ahead.

June’s Super New Moon will feel a lot softer than May’s and will have a calming and nourishing effect. In fact, spending time with family, relaxing and taking things slow is definitely going to feel easy under this lunar influence.

The one thing to be mindful of under June’s New Moon, is getting too caught up in overthinking or over analyzing things. When we get caught up in the thoughts of our mind it can easily lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you find this happening, try to quiet your mind and focus on following your heart instead. This will not only help to reduce any feelings of anxiousness but it will also align you with your highest self.

June’s Super New Moon will also be encouraging us to express any deeper, hidden emotions and to speak up if we have something to share.

In fact, if any of us have been suppressing thoughts and feelings about someone or something, this New Moon may just bring the courage to finally take action.

Emotions may also run high around the time of the Super New Moon and energy levels may feel all over the place. If this occurs, try to focus on finding your stillness and being gentle with yourself. Kindness is always a good remedy too, so practice being kind to others and kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to take some time out and to recharge your batteries if you need to.

Energy runs high during a Supermoon… we may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or have deep expressive and lucid dreams.

We may also find our intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced and we become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment, to others, the animal kingdom and nature… in fact…. to everything!

Take a little respite this New Moon, nurture yourself and those around you. Watch for heightened emotions, yet gently speak your mind. Listen and trust in the wisdom of your heart on this Super New Moon, as it will surely be guiding us gently in the right direction.


April 2017

new-moonWednesday the 26th of April we have a New Moon falling in the Earthy sign of Taurus. April has been an interesting month, to say the least!! Astrologically with many planets retrograding has caused the month to feel somewhat sluggish. Things from the past we thought were cleared and resolved have bubbled to the surface again for another round.
As this New Moon falls in the practical and earthy sign of Taurus, there is a need to double check things and really take a good look before moving forward.

Taurus energy is all about ensuring that we have created a solid foundation before leaping ahead. To do this, Taurus energy guides us to find our inner place of balance and to move forward from this space.

The energy of this month made plenty of us feel as if we have been walking around in circles, thankfully the New Moon energy is going to bring a change, a slow change, but a change nonetheless.

Some of us have felt scattered and all over the place this year, this New Moon will help us to finally find stability and security in our lives and we can move forward with more ease.

This may not be felt straight away, as Taurus energy is slow and very methodical. It moves at its own pace and at first, it may be hard to understand where this New Moon is really guiding us.

The retrograde energy is also going to amplify these feelings and perhaps it will seem like we are still wading through the fog up until the end of the month, which thankfully is not far away..

This New Moon will also help us to look at things from a different point of view. Perhaps we need to look down at the ground we are standing on instead of up in the sky. Perhaps we need to look at what is already in front of us and around us rather than trying to create anything new right now.

Venus rules Taurus and Venus being the planet of the good things in life like love, beauty and art. With this element and the earthy energy of Taurus, there’s a strong desire to experience the sensual in physical ways. Take a stroll along the beach,  through the forest and connect with nature, enjoy your favourite foods, indulge a little. Make this a time to take a break, sleep in, dream, restore the body and spirit.

Overall, the Taurus New Moon is a gentle one and is offering us to feel more comforted and secure with our current journey.

This New Moon is not going to stir up anything abruptly or mess with our emotions too heavily. Thank goodness, it’s been very intense for many of us lately.. La lunar will help us all ground a little and find our feet for a while.

With this energy, we should all try as much as possible to go with the flow and to not rush ahead with anything too quickly.

If you are looking to create more security and comfort in your life on any level, whether it is financially, in your relationships or even in your own self, this New Moon will be the perfect time to set an intention towards what you want.

March 2017

new-moon-goddessTuesday the 28th of March we have a New Moon falling in the fiery sign of Aries. As the first New Moon of the Astrological year and directly after the Equinox, it is a very potent one. All New Moons represent new beginnings to some degree, however with the Aries New Moon and the Sun also residing in Aries… this is definitely the strongest and most powerful time for setting our intentions for the coming future… and for some… It’s a time for starting afresh.

Intuition is going to quite high during the Aries New Moon phase… use it!! Tune in and feel into any insights that come up. This is a time of symbols or signs which will lead us in the direction of where we need to go next.  Tune in to these!! Snippets of information will guide us in making and taking new steps forward. Relationships, financial matters and things we deeply value are going to come up during this New Moon. The reason for that is because Venus, now deeper in her retrograde cycle, will be making her voice heard and loudly. She is dancing quite close to both the Sun and Moon… reminding us that we’re all seeking out something and that sometimes we have to make an important decision to move us closer to our destinations.

Venus’ presence will also be reminding us of that what we value or hold close to our heart is important in where we go next.  Mother Moon is calling on all of us to heal, nourish and love ourselves for who we truly are. She is calling on us to make space in our lives for self-love. She is calling on us to take action on our lives based from this place of love.

This is one of the most potent times of the year to think about what we want to manifest and create for the months ahead. It is also the perfect time to think about expanding on our dreams, wishes and goals. This Aries New Moon is also a time to reassess and look with fresh clear eyes along with different ways of pursuing our goals. For some it may feel like the time to clear the slate completely, and think about a whole new direction. One way or another it is definitely a time for a little revamping, upping the ante to bring about new and creative energy into our lives.

With so much fiery Aries energy at play this New Moon the push to be fearless and groundbreaking can come in strong. It’s like the flames of fire are heating us up and pushing us to act upon something we’ve been considering. If anyone has been looking for a push to jump in feet first or take a stand on something important…this New Moon could be just the right time to jump in and get all over it!!

We also need to be aware of the inner deeper messages this New Moon. The call for us to listen to our hearts and where it is we really want to take things to next. Neptune, the planet of intuition, is going to working rather harmoniously with Mars (Ruler of Aries). Their combined influence will be helping us find the inner messages and tune in with our intuition during this feisty New Moon.

Lately, on an Astrological level it has been quite intense. Many of us are looking for changes to happen and we’re getting impatient in waiting for them to develop. With so much Aries in play, it’s going to be hard not to act and take things into our own hands now before weighing up all the odds. Some of us have been put in places where we have to stand up and fight… while others have had to embark on a journey in a totally new direction. Decisions, thoughts and feelings pulling us this way and that. It can be hard to travel through this uncertainty and have all those “what if” thoughts swirling through our minds. Aries energy generally doesn’t think about all the things that can go wrong. Aries thinks about all the things that can go right and nobody loves a challenge more than feisty Aries.

So, if we want something different for our lives, if we want different results, we need to make a change, and that is what this New Moon energy will be guiding us to do. This is the time to get clear about our lives, get clear about our feelings and what emotions we want to fill our lives with. Once we get a grip on this, we can all start shifting towards the direction that feels right and good on all levels. When we feel this direction on a deeper level, we have an awareness of self and this helps us move forward, and make the plans in that direction for the next part of our journey.

We also all need to remember this…!! There are no wrong paths in this life, there are no mistakes. All we need to do is follow the path that feels the best, what feels good within our hearts, use our hearts and intuition to guide us. Lessons may need to be learnt to take us to the next step, sometimes they are hard lessons and bring us pain… but no matter what, healing comes… we pick ourselves up and a deeper level of growth and wisdom comes to us and we journey on.

If there is an area in our lives that doesn’t feel good, this New Moon is going to give us the power to make some changes. All we need to do is become aware of ‘What’ needs to change and then the energy of the New Moon will help give us that push forward. All we need to do is set the intention and take that first step forward holding the strength of the warrior inside us.


February 2017

Solar Eclipse February 26th just after 11pm we have a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse falling in the intuitive and watery sign of Pisces. The Solar Eclipse will end tomorrow, Monday the 27th around 4:30 am. We roll into the New Moon officially just before 2am on the 27th. Unfortunately this Eclipse is not visible in Australia. The ring of fire ( the main phase of the Solar Eclipse) will be visible along a narrow path stretching from the southern tip of South America to Angola in Africa. Surrounding areas will see a partial Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses affect Earth’s electromagnetic field and this disruption affects everything on Earth, including us. Our own electromagnetic field alters so that our energy resonates with the new frequency incoming from the cosmos.

This is why in the days prior to an Eclipse, we can sense these changes in the atmosphere and we will notice our emotions, thoughts and feelings reacting (and overreacting) until they find balance. We will remain in this transformational energy phase for approximately six months until the Eclipse season comes to an end in August. Eclipses are doors that swing wide open so that we can enter a new energy and way of being. They signify the closing of the previous chapter of our lives and the beginning of a brand new one.

Earlier this month we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which was all about endings, letting go and clearing out the past. This energy has still been lingering but will shift as the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy takes over. If Lunar Eclipses are all about endings, Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings. Whatever emotions or events were stirred earlier this month are likely to melt away and shift in a new direction as February draws to a close.

Energetically, all of us have had to move through a process of endings. To some extent, we have all been called on in different ways to shed the old in order to make way for the new. Yes, it feels like and has been a constant theme of “death and rebirth” through the last 12 months with the breaking away of old thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

The Lunar Eclipse earlier this month was in many ways the tipping point of this. Finally, the New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to bring a wave of new energy that will help all of us to start looking ahead to the new. Whatever has been cleared in recent months is now dissipating and the New Moon Solar Eclipse will help us to get an idea of what new chapter lies ahead.

For this reason, the Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to start writing down our hopes, dreams and wishes. The energy for manifesting is going to be extremely high at this time, so we should definitely use this to our advantage. When it comes to manifesting however, sometimes it is best to focus on what feelings we want to create for this new chapter, rather than the physical or material items.

While there is nothing wrong wishing for something material or physical, there is greater power in manifesting feelings or states of being. When we work from this place of feeling, it allows our energy to stay open to the opportunities that come our way.

Solar eclipses give us the energetic push we need so that we manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create. If we are willing to pay attention and work with the energy this Eclipse cycle, it will be beneficial for our evolution and will be extremely healing. To heal our emotional injuries, we need to focus on nourishing the rejected, unloved and unaccepted aspects of our selves by calling and embracing forgiveness, sensitivity, compassion and empathy.

Pisces is the sign of surrender and release, which means we should try to resist the desire to control and manipulate events and instead breathe deeply with faith that the universe will safely guide our souls on their way. Pisces rules the oceans, so during this New Moon we will feel as though we are swimming in refreshing, renewing, cleansing energy. It is a reminder to go with the flow and to stop trying to fight against the current.

The most important thing to remember is that with Pisces, Neptune and the Solar Eclipse absolutely anything is possible. This is the perfect time to release our tension and resistance, to surrender to the love and opportunities meant for us.

If we attune to the universe’s healing energy, we will no longer attract friendships or relationships with those who wish to drain us. Many of us have learned the hard way… that the more fearlessly we love ourselves, the more peace, pleasure and love we will attract in return.

This is a time we may feel pulled to either start, or to focus more intently, on creative pursuits such as art, dancing, singing, writing or we may take up yoga, meditation, learning a musical instrument or spending more time in nature.

Be aware that some of us will notice we are sensing every shade in the vibrational energy around us and may be absorbing the thoughts and feelings from people around us and even those connected to us from afar. This may cause temporary moments of confusion as we figure out which emotions belong to us and which belong to other people.

Some will discover that they have been carrying around a lot of heavy, emotional energy that belongs to friends, lovers or relatives and will recognise that it is time to free themselves of this energy and to stop feeling responsible for how other people feel.

Watery Pisces radiates a potent feminine, highly sensitive, divine energy and sends us a message that advises us to take time to reconnect with our inner selves, to simply rest and relax to ensure we don’t become overwhelmed from absorbing too much external energy.

The mysterious and spiritual, blue planet Neptune, which rules Pisces, will be resting close to this New Moon. Neptune is the planet of illusions and the subconscious, it can make us feel surreal, as though we are spellbound, existing in a dreamlike state. Our minds may be full of fantasy and wonder along with our imaginations vibrating on high.

Neptune should positively influence everything we do during this ethereal Pisces phase. We may receive the unexpected during this New Moon Solar Eclipse, hopefully delivering an abundance of pleasant shocks and surprises.

The general message during this Solar Eclipse and Pisces New Moon is that ….If we bravely open our hearts and choose love, despite our fears, our past has the chance to heal…. and the cosmos will kindly reward us by offering us more opportunities to give and receive love, to heal and begin a new chapter on our journey.


January 2017

aquarius-new-moonSaturday the 28th of January we have a New Moon falling in Aquarius and at the same time there will be an Isis and Osiris conjunction from the belt of Orion and the Siruis star system. It is an extremely rare celestial occurrence for Isis and Osiris to conjunct on a New Moon and it signifies a vital and essential phase of our soul evolution and our relationships. The New Moon also ushers in Chinese New Year – The Year of the Red Fire Rooster ( Read all about Chinese New Year here )  The January New Moon is one of the significant starting energies to the year ahead and is going to help blast away the final debris of 2016.

2016 was considered the year of endings, which means that 2017 is a year of new beginnings. This death and rebirth cycle is playing out in all of our lives in some way or another, and perhaps in the coming weeks we should begin to really start feeling the rebirth occurring.

This rebirth energy won’t fully shift into gear until the Autumnal Equinox, however the January New Moon in Aquarius is definitely going to start setting the wheels in motion. Aquarius energy is all about starting fresh and thinking bigger. Aquarius energy is also about finding new meaning to things and thinking outside of the box.

This Aquarius New Moon is a great time to start thinking about things in a new way and perhaps looking at things in a different light or through another angle. This is a time to open our fields of vision out onto something bigger, expanded!!

When we expand our view point and the way we look at things, it allows us to see things that weren’t previously there. It also grants us access into a new version of our own truth and purpose.

This New Moon doesn’t have any major planetary patterns or angles, instead it is a very low key New Moon that we can use to make small but significant shifts in our lives. So how do we create a positive shift in our lives? It first starts with our thoughts and the way that we think about things. This New Moon energy give us a boost to switch our thinking and see if we can view things differently. When we do, we potentially may notice a whole host of opportunities blossoming before our eyes.

Some may still feel they are struggling with old issues from 2016, this is a time to use the illumination of inner shadow of this New Moon energy to switch ones thinking or perception in order to shed new light or information on the situation.

January is very much a time to warm up and get ready to get your groove on kind of month, so let’s all use this energy to get settled into our new 2017 lives and get back into the groovy swing of things. New Moon energy also offers us to take some downtime to really reflect on where we have come from and where we want to be heading.

The symbol for Aquarius is the water carrier, as Aquarius energy has the ability to hold the emotions (water) of the world. The gift of the water carrier is being able to scoop up heavy emotions and hold space for them so we can all see them and process them in a new way.

Being an Aquarius New Moon, issues surrounding humanity may also be gaining more attention. I don’t usually tap into politics but issues like feminism and racism have already been hot topics in the media in recent weeks. With this new transfer of power that took place in the US, many people are concerned about what effect it will have on humanity. If the planets show us anything, it does show a revolutionary energy that follows this same pattern of “death and rebirth”. As this energy builds, we are going to see more truths exposed so we can see what is really going on and what really needs to be changed.

It is almost like certain things are being illuminated to us so we can make powerful changes that are going to benefit all humanity. The most important thing we can do to feel comfortable with this energy is to become the leader of our own lives.

If we truly want to change the world, it starts with ourselves and the energy we put out into the Universe. If we could all just be responsible for ourselves and the energy we put out into the world, this would be enough to cause a significant shift for the better.

January has been a very smooth start into 2017 and the gentle energy of this New Moon is really going to help us all to put our lives in perspective. 2016 was not an easy year for many, but we all made it and for that we must have deep gratitude.

I’m feeling 2017 is going to be an amazing year, so let’s all take this opportunity to enjoy the new vibration and the fresh start that this New Moon offers. If we can come from our true heart space in all we do… then only love and positivity can remain ♥

December 2016

new-moonThursday the 29th of December we have a New Moon falling in the earthy, wise and grounded sign of Capricorn.  This New Moon should be quite a peaceful and gentle one that will allow us a time to  reflect on our goals for the year ahead, and to focus on what energy we want to take with us into the New Year. Every New Moon is a collective moment for reflection, healing, rest, and meditation.

This last New Moon for the year is also a perfect time to cleanse your crystals. The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy.

Although the Full Moon can be used for cleansing it is preferred for super charging, so try to put your crystals out tonight under the Moon light and if possible and suitable for your crystal type try to give them a full 24 hours of natures radiant energy.

Under the calming influence of this New Moon we will also be guided to plant our first seeds for 2017. Leading up to this New Moon we may all have been feeling introspective and reflective about what we have achieved this year and just how far we have journeyed… After the New Moon however… we will feel a boost of energy pushing us forward. This is the perfect time to begin new and exciting creative projects for the New Year as this New Moon will definitely be supporting us to do so.

In fact, this New Moon is going to be pushing us to focus on our highest dreams and wishes for ourselves. We are also going to be feeling a strong push of energy that will be urging us to step up and take responsibility for ourselves and for our lives.

We may not be in control of everything that comes our way, but we sure are in control of how we handle everything that comes our way. The Capricorn New Moon is going to be a strong reminder of that. Time to be accountable peeps!!

This New Moon also falls at the same time as Mercury Retrograde. Mercury’s alignment with this New Moon further reinforces a need to slow down. The retrograde period can sometimes feel frustrating. Life doesn’t always go along with our plans and expectations. Things sometimes do completely break down.

Communication can be difficult and we may be more accident prone, sloppy, or clumsy. Before hastily moving forward with important matters, use this time to carefully review the details.

Occurring in the sign of Capricorn, this New Moon prefers personal solitude. With the busyness of the Holidays, this can be hard to attain. But we should all try to find even a brief moment of alone time to allow us to clear our minds and stay focused on our goals.

The combination of the New Moon and the Mercury retrograde energy is likely to bring up new information to the surface or new facts that need to be addressed. Secrets may be revealed or we may uncover a hidden truth.

Truth is an interesting thing. What is true today may not be true tomorrow, which means that truth is really not something we can hold to or cling to. We have to allow truth to rise up in each moment and we also have to be true to ourselves as well in each moment. This can be an interesting balance.  Many people have felt the crashing down of illusions or outdated beliefs this year, and now under the energy of this New Moon we are going to be given time to think about how we are going to rebuild for our futures.

Capricorn energy is very practical, earthy and grounded but it also reflects and represents the energy that we put out into the world. Capricorn energy is about our outward expression and about taking responsibility for what energy we choose to work with.

Under the shadow of this New Moon we find the perfect time to start recharging and cleansing away any negative or psychic debris that we have collected or attracted throughout the year. This is the time for a fresh start and the Capricorn New Moon is here to grant that to each of us if we release and open to this new energy.

This New Moon is also vibrating with the energy of love. Love and relationships are going to be highlighted around this New Moon. This doesn’t just include romantic relationships but all relationships that we have with other people. The time has come for us to really think about who we are surrounding ourselves with and who we want to continue to walk alongside with on our journeys. Weak relationships may be tested and we may find that some of the final releasing for this year is from relationships that no longer serve our highest good.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, higher consciousness and unconditional love will also be active around the time of this New Moon and will be shining its light on all of us. This is the perfect time to go within and reconnect with that inner flame or that inner spark of magic that we all have inside.

Magical energy will be high during this New Moon, now is the time to really listen and trust our instincts and follow our intuition. The more we tune into our intuition, the easier the flow of our lives will become this following year.

Love and Blessings for the last New Moon of 2016

November 2016

sag-new-moonTuesday the 29th of November brings us a New Moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Both Sun and Moon charged with Sagittarian energy can be electric, positive and most importantly, open minded… and all of this energy is up for us to harness if we chose to tune into it.

The last New Moon fell in the deep watery sign of Scorpio. Here we were challenged to dig deep and uncover hidden emotions in order to release them. From the Scorpion energy asking us to go into the darkness within, this month’s Sagittarian energy is going to be encouraging us to reach out into the light. We have spent enough time in the shadows and now it is time to move forward into the light and start expanding and opening our hearts.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a time to engage with the inner explorer. Time to ask ourselves some questions…What is sparking our attention? Where do we want to go? What do we want to create and develop?  This New Moon is going to support us all to think bigger, to be optimistic and to focus our attention on the best possible outcome. Aim high and large because that Sagittarius arrow is going to be helping us all to hit the mark… and have faith that we can reach our goals. It’s time to blaze a trail.

This New Moon is the time to set intentions that are connected to growth, the creation of opportunity and to welcome abundance. Sagittarian energy is also going to trigger a cycle of awakening. In many ways, we are going to feel reborn and replenished after a long and hard year of cleaning out the wounds and emotions hidden in our closets. 2016 has been a year of endings and now we are starting to wind down with the endings so we can make way for the new.

We will also feel a wave of energy that will allows us to see things from a higher perspective and will open our awareness to new realms and new ways of thinking.

This New Moon is also supercharged for romance and love. The energy is just right for singles to possibly meet that someone special. Relationships should feel stronger or come to a place were any problems can be healed and together strengthened for the future.

There is a lot of Soulmate energy hovering around at the moment, new connections and or becoming deeper with those we already recognise. We all need to remember that Soulmates can be anyone that comes into our lives that awaken and connect with our souls, they don’t have to be on a romantic level. This is a time to pay attention to those we feel a bond with, to people we meet or to any synchronistic messages that come our way. Intuitive and Divine energy is amped up at the moment and the opportunities we have been seeking may well just line up, or we may receive profound messages and feel stronger connections with our Spirit team. Tune in an listen!!

Thankfully this New Moon has a very positive and upbeat energy to it. If you have been feeling low, (I can certainly relate!!)  this New Moon should give us a positive shot and the boost we have been looking for.

This is a time to stay open minded, open our hearts and watch what flutters in… Embrace this energy. Much of what we all have been working so hard for this year is now coming to fruition under this Moon cycle, lets celebrate and enjoy it. Sigh…. We all know we have earned it!

October 2016

black-moon Monday the 31st of October we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Scorpio. This New Moon is classed as a Black Moon as we have had two New Moons fall this month. Both the New Moon and the Sun are residing in Scorpio that also falls on Halloween ( All Hallows Eve) for us here in Australia.

A Scorpio New Moon offers a time of self reflection… a time to own our intuitive senses and creative gifts. This is also the perfect time to embrace the energy of the Scorpion Alchemical Master…. to look into areas of our lives that need a huge overhaul, like our relationships, money or career and use the Scorpion resourcefulness and intuitive insight to create change.

Scorpio in its ‘positive’ helps us to see behind the facade and uncover the truth… which gives rise to deeper states of connection with others, for forgiveness and deeper meaning to our lives.  Scorpio in the ‘negative’ can whip up a rage of discontent, blame & devious manipulation…. So be aware of that Scorpion Sting!!!

During a New Moon, the moon is roughly sitting between the Earth & the Sun, so the Sun is shining on the ‘dark side of the moon’, the side of the moon we never see. As a result, we cannot see the moon as the side that faces the Earth is not illuminated.

The Moon & the Sun emanate frequencies and these energy waves influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behavior and consciousness.  In addition, during a New Moon, both the Moon & Sun are in the same sign… giving it a super concentration of it’s energy, this one being Scorpio and all it’s intensity.

The Moon represents the past, our Intuition, unconscious, deep emotions, nurturing, feelings. our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

The Sun represents the now, our Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, and expression, represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

During a New Moon, the side of the moon that remains invisible to us here on Earth is being illuminated by the Sun. So our own ‘invisible’ side, our inner feelings, emotions and desires are also being illuminated during a new moon.  During this illumination, we are given a window of opportunity to start a fresh, let go of the energy of the previous cycle and set our intentions, dreams & inner-most desires into conscious action.

The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle.  Consider sitting in ceremony or personal meditation and affirming to the Universe your intentions & inner-most heartfelt.

Now to the Black Moon energy… This New Moon is classed as a Black Moon, defined as the second new moon within a Calendar Month. The first New Moon of October was on the 1st and now the second falls on the 31st for us living in Australia or Europe and Asia.

Please note, if you live in North/South America, your Black Moon was last month on the 30th of September.

A Black New Moon is a powerful Moon that amplifies our intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for the cycle ahead, It is a powerful New Moon for alchemy and creative manifestation.

On the after glow of the energy of the October Super Moon (the first of 3 Super Moons taking us into December) this Black New Moon’s energy is set to be Massive!!

This Scorpion Black New Moon brings an awakened inner clarity through the amplification of spiritual insights, lucid dreams and heightened synchronicity.  It offers a fresh view, an urge to spring into our hearts desires and a liberating feeling of freedom of the Soul.

Many of us have spent this year letting go, bringing areas of our lives to an end (jobs, relationships, old beliefs etc..) and are now ready to make the big leap into something new, something fresh, something that makes our hearts and soul’s sing… Well, This is the New Moon to dive head first and take that leap of faith… and simply…. Just Do It!!!!!!

Some also have been feeling in limbo land this year, a bit lost, at a loose end or feeling challenged finding direction… if this is you, then this  Black New Moon will help you finally put an end to the past…  as it offers an awakening to an inner-knowing or heightened clarity of new directions.

The Black Moon is also associated with the Goddess Lilith (along with Kali, Persephone & Hecate)… powerful symbols of the Creative Life Force of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess Lilith personifies strength, creativity, freedom of sexual expression, independence and sacred ownership of divine power.

If you have felt rejected in the past and felt dis-empowered for simply being you..  this is the New Moon to stand tall in your divine uniqueness, heal that inner wounding and shine your divine original magnificent light without reservation!! Shine On Brothers and Sisters!!!!!

Have faith as the Scorpion Black New Moon brings forth powerful and inspirational forces of positive change within all our lives as we are guided to bring to life our inner most desires and our deepest heart felt dreams.


new-moon-feminine Saturday the 1st of October we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Libra. In the Western Hemisphere the New Moon falls on September 30th and is referred to as a Black Moon. A Black Moon occurs when there are two new moons within the same month. For us in Australia we will have our turn at two New Moons in October with the next New Moon being a Black Moon falling on Halloween. A Black Moon event only happens approximately once ever 32 months.

Tomorrows New Moon in Libra will be the first lunation after the eclipse season of September. The first lunations after eclipses are always bursting with energy, as they express things often overshadowed or “eclipsed” at the actual eclipses but that now come out full force. The aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto definitely support an electric charge to the atmosphere, though there’s conflicting information in what will actually go down.

The major positive aspects are to Jupiter and Saturn allowing for growth and enjoyment within safe and secure boundaries. A New Moon conjunct to Jupiter is a party waiting to happen. It’s just easier to find joy, and Libra being a social sign, the Libra New Moon conjunct Jupiter is going to be about finding joy with others. The aspect to Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius gives a nice opportunity to turn new friends, romances or acquaintances into long lasting ones. Many will be hoping for lasting happiness through meeting their ideal romantic partner. However, some adjustments will be needed in your life before any relationship or financial dream can materialise.

Libra is a cardinal sign and eager to get the ball rolling in new directions especially fresh off the heels of September’s eclipses and Mercury retrograde. But there may still be lingering doubts about the best way to do this. The Libran New Moon aspects to Mars and Pluto then sharply contradicts the ‘party happy’ mood of the conjunction of Libra in Jupiter, it suggest “power struggles”. We may automatically think it’s going to be someone else trying to wield power over us and that we should fight back against this, but be we need to be prepared to face our own shadow here and see where ‘we’ might be guilty of manipulation or controlling tendencies ourselves. Either way, it won’t go down without a fight.

Thankfully Libra is a sign often associated with conflict resolution, however with the planetary aspects this Libra New Moon looks like a lot of bipolar contradictions not easily resolved. It can end up being a great party gone horribly wrong, or a new romance springing from a party you didn’t want to be at. It can be the beginning of new people in your life, or the end of old relationships, or both at the same time. It could be coming face to face with open enemies, or it could be you take your leave of such people under your own steam. Jupiter tends to exaggerate situations, blow things out of proportion, and the Libra New Moon aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto will create some over the top emotions and encounters for sure.

This New Moon phase will show us that if we have been judged harshly or if we don’t slot neatly into the folds of society’s expectations, then it is okay to carve out our own destination, in our own way. As long as our morals and intentions are mindful, balanced and heart-centered we have the opportunity to rise like a phoenix and leave behind the ashes of resentment, frustration or anger that we may have once felt.

September has been the month of releasing and letting go and this New Moon’s energy is going to be giving us that final push in the right direction so that we have the courage, confidence and willpower to sever ties with anything that has been causing us difficulties or to struggle with unnecessary emotional pain.

October is the beginning of a brand new, dynamic, energetic cycle and one that will steer us away from the negativity that has been cluttering up our lives and redirect us onto a clear, open and intriguing pathway.

If we set our mindset so that we are grounded and rooted in the present moment, we will feel the gentle push of the Libran New Moon’s strong energy as it guides us on our way. This energy will feel as though the wind is subtly blowing through us encouraging us to keep moving forward and to release any toxicity, in all of it’s forms….. so that we no longer attempt to frantically cling to anything that has scarred us in the past.

When we release ourselves of deep rooted emotions that are buried within us, we will feel ourselves embark on a transformational healing journey. Immediately we start to feel lighter, freer, at one with ourselves and with a profound sense of inner peace.

This New Moon asks us to look within, look deep into the shadows of ourselves and with true honesty resolve and release…. Then we can move forward to the next cycle of  true transformational healing.


September 2016

sep-1-new-moon-solar-eclipse-1000x600Thursday September the 1st we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse falling in the Earthy sign of Virgo. It is an annular Solar Eclipse, meaning it will create the visible coronal ring (“ring of fire”) most people associate with eclipses. The Eclipse will not be visible on the East Coast of Australia, but Perth and Western Australia will be able to view the Eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the light of the sun is partially or completely obscured by the moon. There is a lot of superstition associated with solar eclipses but I see them as doorways to new and better energetic cycles. A few things to watch…. The interruption to the light of the Sun (the sacred masculine essence) can cause our outer self, our ego to become dominant & behave badly.

What’s more, this temporary state of semi or total darkness creates a window where the subtle energies that exist in the shadows can assert more influence over those whose energy fields aren’t strong and clear.

If we are run down, depressed, feeling down right confused and cluttered, or nagging ourselves with negative thoughts our energetic boundaries can be compromised by low vibrational thought forms. So this is the time to watch our negative self talk, bring in positive thoughts and affirmations.

This is the perfect time to clear ourselves, our homes and families & set strong energetic boundaries… It is good to make this a monthly New Moon routine.

The Sun, New Moon and North Node are all in Virgo and will be joined by Retrograding Mercury in exact conjunction to Jupiter again in Virgo. Making this a five star Stellium! The Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Stellium will also form a T-square by squaring Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, and opposing Retrograding Neptune in Pisces.

The orbs are tight for this one which suggests no room for anything but a major event. The depth, power and complexity of everything that’s going into this eclipse gives the feeling of a “perfect storm”, emotionally and literally. It will probably be easier to assess the aftermath of this Eclipse than it will be trying to understand it as it unfolds.

One thing for certain is this New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to open a doorway into the new. Whatever we have been working with this year we will finally be given the Astrological opportunity for it to be birthed into something new. The clearer we are mentally, emotionally, psychically, the more new opportunities come our way. As the doorway opens, we are all going to catch a glimpse of what is in-store for us from now and until February of next year. Whatever arises on the New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be paving the way for a new energetic cycle. For this reason, September 1st is the perfect time to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, to tune into the wisdom of all that is around us.

After the Solar Eclipse has passed, its potent energy will be taking us into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will fall on September 17th. It will be at this time that we can really understand where exactly this new cycle is going to take us. In the meantime, we have to get clear about what we want and about which direction we want to head in. It seems that 2016 has really been asking us to take things slow so we can truly understand where we are heading and what choices are serving us or holding us back. 2016 is a year of endings, so whatever we need to put an end to, whatever choices we need to redirect, will finally be revealed throughout September.

The earthy Virgo energy of this Solar Eclipse is also going to be supporting us to take things slow. In fact, going slow and being cautious is going to be the natural tone and feel to this Solar Eclipse. Watch what events take place around the New Moon Solar eclipse and feel out the  doorways that may be opening for you. If you are aware, you will get enough of a glimpse of this energy to work out where it may be guiding you. Virgo energy is also very powerful and wise. Virgo energy challenges us to use our mind and tune into the deeper stirrings of our heart. Virgo is the powerful virgin, she needs no partner, she is complete and whole on her own.

On the Solar Eclipse New Moon we are all going to feel this power. We are all going to feel a sense of inner strength and confidence in ourselves and who we truly are. Virgo rules awareness of the body, making full use of resources, attention to details, organisation, self-preservation skills, order, and critical analysis. Virgo sees flaws in systems, whether those systems are our daily routines, the methods we work with on the job, or our bodies. Striving for perfection can be a wonderful challenge, as long as we don’t allow ourselves to become overly focused on flaws and feel guilty or stressed about them. This is where Pisces, Virgo’s opposing sign, comes in to help. Compassion, and finding beauty in imperfection, is our path to balancing this energy

This Solar Eclipse is going to shine a light on our essence and help us to stand up and assert ourselves. This is not only going to help us get clearer about who we are and where we are heading, but it is also going to help us finally release those weights that have been holding us down.

This new cycle is all something we can look forward to. Its energy is strong, powerful and centred around healing, truth and finding our inner-strength.


August 2016

nmleo07314Wednesday the 3rd of August we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Leo. Compared to some of the other wild and often stressful moon phases we’ve had so far in 2016, this Leo New Moon looks sublime… It’s not a particularly potent one, which again is something to be grateful for. The Leo New Moon forms a very tight aspect to Saturn which is retrograding in Sagittarius, this will be a stabilizing and harmonious aspect that takes the uplifted mood and roots it in solid form. Buoyant but not over-the-top.

As the Saturn and Neptune square is still quite tight, and Neptune retrograding in Pisces, the Leo New Moon does come into this tight aspect, but as Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces are all signs that, in their own way, are related to inspiration and creativity this formation will bring forth those qualities and not be over shadowed or stressed by retrograding Neptune..

Mars will re-enter the sign of Sagittarius just before the Leo New Moon and this will give us a huge energy boost along with bouncy optimism to this Leo New Moon. In July Mars spent a lot of time on the same degree as it was stationed retrograde and was slow to pick up speed, which kept many frustrations at a max…. this will dissolve now.

Leo is the sign that rules the heart, both the physical heart and the spiritual one. This warm and encouraging New Moon in the sign of the heart is indeed a great time to take heart and feel into who you are. Part of taking heart in your journey is finding courage, another Leo theme, as heart and courage are intertwined on spiritual and physical levels.

Coming off the huge month of July, finding and restoring heart and courage are perfect goals for the Leo New Moon. Getting in touch with our inner child and our inner creative artist, both of whom are also associated with Leo will allow us to lead fearlessly from our hearts. This Leo New Moon is a great time of finding and following our bliss and our creative outlets. Happiness, self expression, self assurance, lust for life, and creativity associated with Leo are not meant to be fleeting moments, they are meant to be a permanent part of our lives.

Set your intentions of happiness, courage and self expression this New Moon and listen from your heart. This New Moon may have messages for you…follow your intuition always and listen for messages…they may literally come out of the mouths of babes.


July 2016

new moon2Monday the 4th of July we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Cancer for us here in  Australia. Cancerian light rules the heavens with the Sun, New Moon, Venus, Mercury and the fixed star Sirius also falling in Cancer. With Cancer ruled by the Moon we will have a New Moon focused on family, home, heritage and roots, emotions and gatherings. We may find ourselves swimming in feelings, emotions and hopefully compassion.  There is a strong emphasis on fertility (symbolic or literal) and the need of gentleness now.

Cancer is a water sign and catches support from Neptune in Pisces, another water sign. This New Moon is a flood of emotions, empathy, imagination, sensitivity. It will most definitely make for intense but lovely dreams. Day life will have a sweet, dreamy quality as well. What is said and done isn’t quite as important as how it feels. This should be quite a feel good New Moon although even when positively aspected a planetary Cancerian combo like this is prone to moodiness and mood swings. The super sensitive sign of the Crab puts on a tough outer skeleton to protect its soft interior, and people feeling raw will not want to be messed with here. Provoke someone in a bad mood and expect the claws to come out.

The Cancer New Moon also has strong support from Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. The strong compassionate urges here can find expression in grounded, practical ways. Doing for others as we’d want done for us. The Cancer combo that includes love planet Venus in a sweet aspect to Jupiter and Neptune looks like good old fashioned romance and lovey dovey vibes. Also, good old fashioned comforts such as food, company, gatherings, music, movies and dance.

On the other hand one of the more infamous traits of Cancer is it can sometimes lack the ability to face tough situations head on, preferring to side step around things instead. It would also prefer to let others do the fighting for it rather than fight its own battles. Being dragged into fights that you didn’t start but are somehow expected to finish is a real possibility right now. How ever, side stepping isn’t always a bad maneuver! When faced with challenges you can’t handle head-on, learn how to go at it from other, unexpected angles. If it looks like something is close to breaking, let it go for a season. You can always come back to it when there’s less emotional charge.

The most intense part of this New Moon in Cancer is that is makes a wide Opposition to transiting Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. “Intense Emotional Detox” is a great way to look at it. Surely, we may be feeling a strong undercurrent to things. Yet, we may choose to rise above it with the strength of our Soul/Essence and know all that is coming to the surface is what needs to be cleared away.  It may be easy right now to “project” your emotions and needs onto another. Yet, realise that then you are not being accountable for yourself.

This transit suggests the push/pull effect or there may be conflict arising regarding past/present, emotions/being grounded in the moment or self/family issues. It can bring up intense encounters or interactions with others dredging up past issues around power, integrity and trust.  You may be discarding an old shell, thin skin or comfort zone so that a new skin forms, one that is stronger and more durable. In some instances there is not a real loss only a change yet with all the emotions of the past clouding the clarity you may not see the truth of the situation. Do your best not to jump to conclusions now.


June 2016

newmoon2Sunday the 5th of June we have a New Moon falling in the sign of Gemini. This New Moon plays right into the t-square formation that we currently have in the heavens, creating a mutable Grand Cross. The Moon, Sun and Venus are all in a tight conjunction in Gemini and are opposed to Saturn and square to Jupiter and Neptune.

Gemini is about the mind, communication, learning, making connections. It’s a mutable air sign, endlessly curious, communicative, changeable and flexible. The New Moon in Gemini signals a mental fresh start, especially since Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, went direct after a period of retrograde action recently.

With the Grand Cross formation we find a highly complex pattern. The Moon (emotions) and the Sun (identity) and Venus (love and values) are all united in the social sign of Gemini. We want to communicate what we feel and think to others. We want to be liked. But there’s a sense of not knowing enough (Saturn) or the fear of disapproval. It’s possible that we’re unclear about what we think or are communicating (Neptune) or perhaps we’re picking up on collective feelings that sway our decisions.

With this New Moon, the heavens are telling us to use our minds differently. To step out of our usual perceptions about people and situations and open up to new perspectives. It’s a call to imagine a new way to live and then figure out how to do it. We do this by listening to our right brain imagination through our dreams, intuitions and visions, and then using our left brain rational mind to ‘make it so’.

The New Moon is saying that it’s important to speak from the heart during this time, even if we fear judgment, rejection, or being misunderstood. The danger is that we could say too much or too little so it is best to ask ourselves….

“Before you speak, ask yourself: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?” – Sai Baba


May 2016

taurusmoonMay 6th we have a New Moon falling in the Earthy sign of Taurus, this is also a Super Moon that forms a Grand Trine with planets in all the other earth signs… That is Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, along with the Sun and Moon in Taurus. We also have Mercury and Venus in Taurus, so let’s just say there is a whole lot of Earthy vibes happening at the moment.

But to make sure our ethereal spirits aren’t left out, the Taurus New Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces, seeing the mystical in the mundane and bringing divine inspiration and a sprinkling of fairy dust to us all.

This New Moon with it’s heavy earth emphasis, the gentle flow of the grand trine, and the slow motion of the retrograde planets in early May brings to mind something I heard many, many moons ago from a healer who believed that the disconnect from nature was the cause of depression and anxiety in most cases in modern societies. The cure is to touch bare feet to the earth at least 10 minutes per day. Also refereed to now as ‘Earthing’. Well this New Moon definitely calls for us all to reconnect to nature, so lets all get out there now and Earth On Out…. Roll in the grass, cover your feet in the dirt, hug a tree, whatever tickles your fancy… just do it 😉

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus reviewing our mental processes and forcing us to slow it way down…. touching feet to ground seems like a sensible and healthy meditation. Really feeling and getting grounded. Meditation comes in many forms and does not have to be high brow or come from so-called “gurus” or any rules some associate with meditation. Just like running your bare feet through the grass, meditation can simply be hitting “pause” on the craziness, slowing down enough to hear natural rhythms and doing something that matches the rhythm.

Now is a good time to set your intentions under this New Moon. The Taurus New Moon offers fertile ground to plant seeds you’d like to see grow. Plant intentions of savoring the simple goodness of music, dance, food, drink, love, laughter and fresh air! The Taurus New Moon is a perfect time to be lazy and self indulgent. It’s actually a really good time for everyone to get extra sleep, as not only will the sextile to Neptune in Pisces bring sweet dreams but also truly restorative deep sleep. To just totally give mind and body a break!

While the grand trine in earth brings a nice vibe and the potential for positives in the material world, more often than not… nothing happens. When things feel this good it’s easy to take it for granted. This will come to an end, like everything else… remember this is just a little pause. If you feel like doing nothing but stuff your face with food and chill out to music, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re doing it with purpose.

Whilst this Taurus Super Moon / New Moon teaches us how to be a powerful presence on the physical plane in a miraculous physical body, it also gives us an opportunity to bring our earth energy into balance. Make the most of it.

April 2016

dark-moonThursday April 7th we have a New Moon falling in Aries, and it’s time to really look at ourselves… and our lives with a whole new perspective.

The Aries new moon is also a Supermoon, making its powers especially potent because the moon is at its closest possible distance to the earth. Aries is the zodiac’s first sign, so this charged-up status will give our new initiatives and fresh starts some extra pizazz.

Adding to that zing, the new moon will travel in close proximity to radical changemaker Uranus, prompting us to break out of old habits and patterns. Make a bold beginning, take initiative, jump out of your comfort zone. With the Moon and Uranus both in Aries, the sign of the individual, this is definitely a moment for radical self-love!

Just watch a tendency to be too impulsive. A calculated risk is one thing, a foolish gamble is quite another. Luckily, this new moon gets a beam from responsible Saturn, which is angled in a close, harmonious aspect. Disciplined Saturn can ensure that we don’t go off the rails with our new ventures. Keep your feet on the ground while you stretch beyond your limits and you can’t lose!

This can be an exciting Aries New Moon. It’s about rebirth and fierce new beginnings, so if you’ve been feeling stuck in any areas of your life, this is the time to declare a fresh intention and charge into it with all your might. But beware… there is so much energy behind an Aries New Moon that you’ll certainly be pushed to follow through on any goals you set. Be careful what you wish for!

So ask yourself… what isn’t working in your life? Is it a relationship, a job, a living situation? Or perhaps it’s more subtle. Maybe it’s an old pattern, a limiting belief, a fear that holds you back. This is the perfect time to let it go and be reborn as a whole new you.

Every single day, you have the opportunity to become a new person. If you don’t want to continue operating at the same frequency, going through the same old routines, and being triggered by the same old things, you don’t have to. We have the power to choose again every single day. But if you want to make a big change, this Aries Super New Moon is all about just that!!! Take the chance. Believe and Transform yourself.

March 2016

solar eclipse piscesNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. The Solar Eclipse falls on the New Moon Wednesday 9th March for us here in Australia. It will be visible to a large area of the Pacific, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, but also large parts of South-East Asia and northern parts of Australia will witness a partial solar eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse is one of the strongest and most important aspect in all of astrology as the Sun is conjunct to the Moon and this one falls in the sign of Pisces.

This Solar Eclipse focuses on the healing of a deep wound in your soul, which is represented by Chiron who is falling alongside the Solar Eclipse. It may be an old or new wound affecting your body, mind or spirit. Growing pains due to challenging aspect from Jupiter and Saturn are relieved by the recuperative and ever evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows for a spiritual transformation and the evolution of your soul.

Like any new moon, a Solar Eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. This means that all possibilities are on the table and you can make way for new plans for the future.
Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and different ways to move forward. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list, so you can revisit your goals made during this Solar Eclipse. The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a Solar Eclipse means that not all new projects will succeed, however a Solar Eclipse in not only one point in time and you can come back to them.

The horoscope for a New Moon or Solar Eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This Solar Eclipses energy will remain active until the next solar eclipse in September 2016.
This is a time when we should build our powers of acceptance, belief, and compassion; take a leap of faith, believe in something higher; start a creative, imaginative project; practice putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and let some things go….(such as judgments, annoyances, and the like. Revitalise ourselves through experiences that require imagination, compassion, or that simply represent a “break” from the routine. Give ourselves selflessly through compassionate service; and to share a dream with others.

For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to our spirituality. Nagging problems from the past six months need to be dealt with and put behind us.
It’s a time to take special note of our dreams, as well as insights or thoughts/emotions that seem to come from “out of the blue”. These could be creatively inspiring. The range of emotions that Pisces registers is extraordinary, and this could be a time when we feel that enormous range. With the health and service axis (Pisces-Virgo) involved, health or work issues may come to the fore. As well, the ability to set boundaries to the amount of service we render can become a major issue. Situations that test our faith, or magnify our fears and doubts, may be part of the picture.

For some, a new “calling” will surface in the coming six months. A new line of work that better matches our inner nature, desire to serve, or emotional make-up may unfold in the months following this eclipse. We may discover that we need more rest and relaxation or attention to our spiritual nature than we are currently allowing ourselves.

With this potent Pisces energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle.

February 2016

aquarian new moonThe Aquarian new Moon falls in the very early hours of tomorrow morning February 9th for us here in Australia ushering in the Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey. It’s a big new Moon and one that holds some very interesting challenges and opportunities. An Aquarian new Moon is always a time when we can examine our freedoms, our sense of authenticity, our belief in ourselves. We may have a few issues to deal with along the way….

The new Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realisations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A new Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together. The new Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the future. This period is wonderful for planting seeds of whatever kind. What do you want to manifest in your future? Whether you write it down, sing about it or just hold the thought forms in your mind, doing this at the new Moon can realise some fabulous results around the things that you want to draw into your life

It is a curious new Moon as it can imply the need to filter the things you say, the things you think, the things you relay to others, the gossip you’re ready to either believe or pass on, etc. It’s about messages. The new Moon degree is about ‘doves’, doves bring messages, and Mars is on a degree that talks about ‘parrots’ bringing messages. Mars on ‘The Parrot’ degree can have us shaking our heads around what is being said, heard, passed on, gossipped about. The trick is to employ our filters and to see what is real, useful, healing, necessary, etc, and what is pure noise. Mars squaring the new Moon can have us making some pretty strong decisions and some of them can be rash, or, we may be on the receiving end of someone’s anger. It can be a good idea to count to ten, revise, revisit, renew, reevaluate before we react.

Thankfully, there is a beautiful aspect between Venus and Mercury and Jupiter. This can bring all kinds of good things our way including good luck, good news, good ideas, expansive thoughts and realities, etc. etc. We may find a way out of something that has been binding us for a long time. Freedom comes from deciding what is real and what is fantasy – although a bit of fantasy can go a long way now. Some may be deciding to travel, take up a new course of study, making decisions around consolidating your resources into better uses, etc. New relationships can come about that bring new horizons and possibilities. This aspect is a very good one, full of promise, as long as we don’t overstep the mark and go full tilt before the time is right or before we have the resources to back up our plans, ideas or projects.

Venus is also in a rather confronting aspect with Pluto. The Symbol for Venus is also about ‘messages’ and/or ‘music’. Right before the new Moon, Venus will conjunct (pass over) Pluto, and this can be rather intense, life changing, life challenging, momentous, etc. It can have us realising issues to do with control, money, inheritances, power, etc. Also, right before the new Moon, Venus is squaring Uranus. This can have many people making decisions about friendships, relationships, money, issues to do with ethics, our sense of values, etc. Some relationships will no doubt come to an end with this new Moon, even if the final realisations don’t fall into place for a while, we may be seeing how we compromise ourselves by having certain people (or issues) in our lives.

January 2016

Capricorn New MoonThe first New Moon for the year falls on Sunday the 10th of January for us here in Australia, exact at 11.30 am (AEST) in the Earthy sign of Capricorn. Every New Moon marks the beginning of an emotional cycle and provides us an opportunity for growth.
The New Moon in Capricorn is even more powerful because it’s the first New Moon of the calendar year, setting the tone for what’s ahead. Capricorn is an Earth sign and blesses us with the strength and determination to deliver on our promises.
We can put this New Moon to work by reaffirming our New Year resolutions. Setting sensible goals and sticking to a sustainable plan is more productive than expending short bursts of intense activity.

The Capricorn New Moon focuses our attention on our ambitions. It instructs us to take our business and personal commitments very seriously. Although we may face unexpected distractions from the Moon’s square to disruptive Uranus, her conjunction with unrelenting Pluto gives us the power to stick with our agenda.
The New Moon’s connection to Uranus and Pluto empowers us to overcome self-doubt and to take on meaningful challenges in our lives. Hard work enables us to climb the ladder of success without depleting our deep wells of energy reserve.

This New Moon definitely bears us good vibes. As it falls in the sign of Capricorn, which is a very work-oriented sign, it’s a great time to really think about our ambitions for the year ahead, even if that includes running away from it all. What we need is a plan and the New Moon in Capricorn is the ideal time to make a plan!
It’s also a great time to rethink a plan, as well. This is because Mercury is retrograde (going backwards) at the time of the New Moon so thinking things over and revising them is highly recommended.

Love and money are both well-starred under this New Moon because the next planetary alignment is a wonderful connection involved Venus and Uranus. Be sure to make your New Moon wishes to harness this good energy!