aqua1thmbaqua1Aqua Aura Necklace with beaded sections of Aqua Aura & Amethyst and Sterling Silver chain.

Alchemy… Element Fire & Water… Protection… Healing… Psychic Awakening.

Aura crystals are created through an alchemical process of bonding high vibrational Clear Quartz with Gold.

SOLD $95 + postage. Simply contact us here to purchase. Pay Pal and Direct Deposit available.

Aqua Aura helps to promote clarity of thought, attract positive energy and balance the emotions. Smoothes and cleans the aura.  Aqua Aura activates all chakras in an instant and is said to free your mind from limitations and to help you to create space in your life for new things to happen.

It is also said to protect you from psychic or psychological attack and, if used during crystal meditation, to give you feelings of deep inner peace.

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