Cobalt and Titanium Aura crystals are created through an alchemical process of bonding high vibrational Clear Quartz with the minerals Cobalt or Titanium.

Titanium and Cobalt Aura Crystals are sometimes refereed to as Rainbow Flame Aura Crystals. They are visually stunning with metallic shades of Blue, green, purple, gold, violet, turquoise, plum, indigo and vibrant pinks and fuchsia.
Titanium Aura and Cobalt Flame Aura crystals are both said to be wonderful for enhancing creativity and removing blockages. Is said to promote clairvoyance and all forms of seeing. They are both used in meditation and yoga practices. It is said that these beautiful Aura crystals strongly activate the third eye chakra.

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Cobalt Aura Pendant 1

Cobalt Aura Pendant 1






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