wrist wraps2Wrap your wrists in gorgeous double rows of crystals, pearls and embellishments. Each Chrysalis Wrist Wrap is individually hand made with love and honours the Goddess within each of us.

Elegant jewels that are in alignment with healing, love, passion, magic, creativity and spontaneity.

Simply contact us here to purchase. Pay Pal and Direct Deposit available.  ♥

clear.syraw.2jpgclear.syrawClear Quartz, Rutilated Strawberry Quartz & Freshwater Pearls $45

Healing, Clarity, Vision, Purity, Calming, Meditation


Lapis Lazuli, Angelite & Freshwater Pearls $59

Spirituality, Intuition, Calming, Reflection, Purity

lab.blue tigerlab.aventLabradorite, Blue Tiger Eye & Garnet $45

Magic, Transformation, Motivation, Positivity, Protection

citr.moon2citr.moonCitrine, Moonstone & Garnet $45

Abundance, Manifestation, Inspiration, Stability, Protection


ameth.turq.2jpgameth.turqTurquoise & Amethyst $59

Strength, Protection, Healing, Peace, Spirituality

Sold out


rose.moon.3jpgrose.moon.2jpgRose Quartz, Moonstone & Amethyst $45

Love, Compassion, Reflection, Healing, Peace

tiger eyetiger eye.2jpgRed Tiger Eye, Gold Tiger Eye & Garnet $45

Courage, Strength, Motivation, Positivity, Protection


Aventurine, Labradorite & Amethyst $45

Alignment, Confidence, Magic, Transformation, Healing

IMG_20141007_140346IMG_20141007_140454Clear Quartz with Chakra/Rainbow combination $45

Balance, Healing, Motivation, Transformation, Protection

rose, amethyst, rutile, pearlRose Quartz, Rutilated Strawberry Quartz, Amethyst & Freshwater Pearls $45

Love, Compassion, Calming, Healing, Peace


avent, ameth, rose, pearlAventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Freshwater Pearls $45

Optimism, Confidence, Love, Healing, Peace


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