Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, truth, protection, and brings peace. It protects psychically and in the physical realm.

Purple Fluorite Pendant 1

Purple Fluorite Pendant

Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety and stress. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. Physically it is used in crystal healing for , pain, general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems.

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

All colors are also good for auric cleansing. Mixed colors bring enhanced protection in the areas enhanced by all combined types.

Clear fluorite guards against psychic attack and strengthens consciousness.

Blue fluorite has the quality of protecting the emotions and restoring emotional balance.

Purple fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness, and can open the third eye.

Green fluorite is an excellent all purpose healing stone that promotes healing on all levels. It also promotes self-love.