Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing. Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it.. It is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external.

Garnet is a protective energy stone and can be used to release bad karma. As a root chakra stone, garnet is said to be excellent for manifestation. Garnet with lava stone and ebony woodIt is used to ground one’s dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams. Garnet is used to access ancient memories. This makes it a preferred tool for past life regression.

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Emotionally, considered a stone of increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. It is a stone of positive thoughts which is said to dispel and relieve depression. Garnet is also used to overcome crisis and trauma. It is used to bring one away from a sense of helplessness or victimization and imparting courage. It is used to assist in diminishing or eliminating abandonment issues. It is said to enhance emotions in a positive way, and also be quite calming.

Garnet is considered a stone that helps one realize and enjoy the pleasures of earthly incarnation. This includes enhancing sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced fashion. As such, garnet is a stone of love and passion.

Garnet has been used a great deal for gentle spiritual healing, and is used to enhance intuition in this manner. It discourages disorganized growth, and brings inner strength.


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