Rituals have been perfumed on the significant cycle points for eons by all cultures around our beautiful planet.

RitualRitual to many gives life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the web of life that connects us all. A simple act done with the intention of love is quite powerful and more than enough. Here are some simple rituals you can perform on Winter solstice with friends, your family or on your own.

Candlelight Ceremony

Candle-RitualThis lovely ritual can be done at home with your family or include your friends for a larger Solstice celebration.

Someone begins by placing on a table, one large unlit candle and the others present place various smaller unlit candles for each person.

Turn off all the lights and just sit for a moment in darkness, remembering and honoring the Sun’s light.

Then who ever is leading, can light the main big candle an offer a blessing.

After that each can come and light their candle from the main flame and all candles can be placed in a circle or spiral around the main one.

Once all candles are lit, a song, blessing or simply “Happy Solstice” can be said together.

Solstice Lanterns

solstice lanternsDecorate jars with pieces of gold paper, winter leaves, yellow, red or other coloured tissue paper,(glue is fine to use) and  you can make handles for the jars with wire.

Place them around the home welcome the darkness of Winter Solstice by lighting your lanterns on sunset and try not to use any lights for the evening.

Fire Releasing Ceremony

sacredfireThis ritual can be performed as a personal ceremony on your own or with a group friends and family. Make a small or large fire somewhere outside in a safe area or fire pit, a brazier or your inside fireplace can be used as well.

Begin by giving out small pieces of paper and pencils so each person can write down anything they want to release. Or simply write your own.

When all have written down what they wish to release, everyone gathers around a fire, and each person in turn comes to the fire and throws their paper in.

After everyone is finished, you seal the ritual by all banging on drums, using shakers any instrument or pots and pans, whatever you like, and then finish off with a celebratory howl!

Whatever you choose to do on Winter Solstice, whether pausing in quiet reflection, or celebrating with loved ones, know that all over our planet, many are joining in Spirit and doing the same.

Winter Solstice Blessings to all ♥